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Sound and energy define the space.


Relationship between sound and matter

The extraordinary technologies developed for Caput Mundi have allowed the creation of Aura first and now the Ludos model, both with absolute sonic characteristics for their respective categories. Ludos is currently the smallest and least expensive speaker in the Diesis Audio lineup, while maintaining the same level of quality in design, construction, and materials as the more expensive models. The cabinet is made of CLAD 58 material, which offers rare damping and solidity. When combined with the dipole design, it ensures that even in the low-frequency range, Ludos maintains the exceptionally high standard seen in Caput Mundi and Aura.

The primary goal of this project is to allow those with limited listening space or restricted placement and listening distance to enjoy the great naturalness, realism, articulation, transparency, and dipole damping. The greater frontal inclination compared to flagship models, total height, and crossover filter have been calculated for optimal listening even from distances of less than two meters, enabling Ludos to deliver outstanding performance even in spaces as small as 12/15 square meters.

Data sheet

The speakers used for the low range, two 10-inch high-efficiency woofers, ensure frequency extension comparable to larger models, despite having to sacrifice some sensitivity due to the cabinet size. The upper part of the audio range is handled by a 45 mm compression driver, the same as the Aura with a 1-inch throat. When designing the driver’s horn, the closer listening position was taken into account. The horn, circular in shape, is specifically made for this model in solid ARNITE© material, turned and lacquered. Ludos can be considered a two-and-a-half-way speaker with two identical woofers, but cut at different frequencies.

As in other Diesis models, there is no compromise in the crossover filter, component selection, and attention to detail in Ludos. The medium-high sensitivity and optimization for listening in compact spaces allow for an engaging live-like experience even with modestly powered tube amplifiers.

A 45 mm compression driver loaded by a circular horn made of solid ARNITE material, designed by Diesis Audio exclusively for this model.

Two-and-a-half-way system with three speakers
Two 10-inch dipole-loaded woofers
Sensitivity: 91 dB 2.83V/m
Nominal impedance: 6 Ohms
Frequency response in-room: 37 to 26,000 Hz at +/- 8 dB
Minimum power: 10 watts RMS
Maximum power: 130 watts RMS
Acoustic crossover frequencies at 180 Hz and 2000 Hz

Maximum dimensions including the horn: Width: 32.8 cm Depth: 28.9 cm Height: 104.2 cm Single speaker weight: 47 kg.

*Cabinet made of Clad 58, a material produced to specifications (composed of mineral powders, cement, and special resins), cast in a single mold.

Air-wired crossover filter with extremely high-quality components treated with dielectric resin to MIL standards.

It is recommended not to direct it more than 20 degrees towards the listening point.


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Completely customizable

Only the finest cuts of premium wood and the most innovative materials are used. We offer an unlimited choice of customizations according to your requests, ensuring seamless integration of our products into your spaces, staying true to design and prestige.