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Roma Triode


Design and technology

Listening to a Diesis Audio speaker with a directly-heated triode is a unique experience, born from an immense passion for experiencing music as a real event. We work to eliminate the artifacts and colorations of traditional loudspeakers and achieve the highest purity of sound emission, making the listening of any piece a pure emotion.

In addition to innovative techniques, simplicity and the absolute quality of the transducers and materials used guarantee a precious quality that stems mainly from prolonged listening and refinement sessions that have been continuously carried out for years of experience.

The study of the various materials that the delicate musical signal passes through before propagating a note in the air allows us to tune each speaker to transmit an extraordinary passion in every situation, giving “life” to everything presented to the listener.

Roma Triode, the latest extraordinary achievement, incorporates all of this and goes even further, the result of 3 years of work to embed in it a DNA of pure magic, assisted by the world’s most prestigious single-ended triode amplifications. It was custom-tailored to capture every subtle nuance and detail whispered by these marvelous amplifications. Each element of the design has been dissected, tested, and tuned by ear, compared with the best passive components. We have finally chosen to create even the most insignificant element, and the correct direction of each component was identified after careful and critical listening.

Roma Triode has been refined in the last year with the prestigious Japanese Kondo Amplifications. Ongaku preamplifier G70 and fully Kondo-wired. The emotional expression of these wonderful objects for music reproduction is enhanced by the ease with which the speakers allow themselves to be traversed, evoking vibrations of pure emotion, achieving such synergy and magic that cannot be described in words.

Completely customizable

Only the finest cuts of premium wood and the most innovative materials are used. We offer an unlimited choice of customizations according to your requests, ensuring seamless integration of our products into your spaces, staying true to design and prestige.

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Data sheet

All components have been handmade to specifications for this model:

Bass Section in Dipole with 2 15-inch woofers anchored with Totalfix system from a brass plate damped.
Alnico magnet damped with wool and shielded.
Silver 24 ohm coil.
Cellulose cone and cotton membrane for extraordinary lightness.
Cabinet in Clad 58 damped with 7 different types of materials (brass, cement, resins, mineral powders, ebony wood, pure wool, and leather).
Ebony wood horn, aluminum support machined from solid anchored on a damped brass base with cork and decoupled with accessories in Alphagel and Corian.
Front panel in ebony wood and chamfered elements in wood covered in leather.
2-inch midrange with paper membrane and solid brass ogive damped with pure wool and solid Italian walnut cap.
Titanium tweeter with 16mm coil and solid brass horn.
Resinated Air-wired crossover components in special caps machined from solid Italian walnut for complete absence of vibrations.
Wiring with Kondo Silver cable.
Minimum impedance: 10 ohms.
Nominal sensitivity: 98.5 dB/2.83V/m.
Minimum power: 8 watts.
Maximum power: 150 watts.
Frequency response in-room: 27 to 40000 Hz at +/-3 dB.

It is recommended not to direct it more than 20 degrees towards the listening point.