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Caput Mundi

Energy that transforms space into matter.


The First Time

In Caput Mundi, for the first time in the world, we have harmoniously and innovatively combined dipole loading for the low frequencies with a coaxial compression driver loaded with a horn for the mid-high frequencies. The multiple offered finishes and the ease of modifying them over time allow Caput Mundi to seamlessly integrate into any environment, tailored to each individual’s preferences and for the pleasure of all. The craftsmanship of the construction blends with the design, creating a refined and customizable object that is extremely exclusive.

In Caput Mundi, each part has been crafted from the most suitable material for its specific function. In addition to the already mentioned Clad 58 and Corian, it also includes anodized aluminum, stainless steel, wood, and PVC. Aluminum is used for the driver/horn support (combining lightness and robustness with ease of processing), while stainless steel is utilized for reinforcing the supporting structure (due to its robustness) and for the plate that secures the two woofers (for its elastic strength). Wood is used for the front panel of the speaker (both as lacquered MDF and solid wood), while PVC is used for the crossover bases, woofer spacers, and rear closure frame.

Data sheet

Bass Loading

Dipole loading is what, according to our experience, delivers the highest sound quality. Its advantages are manifold, including the complete absence of sound coloration caused by the furniture of traditional loading systems. The system’s damping (that of the woofer and its associated filter) is excellent without the cabinet altering the speaker’s parameters. Natural reproduction is achieved primarily due to the absence of the cabinet, allowing for high-quality listening even at low power and low listening levels. Excellent detail and articulation are obtained through minimal variations in the acoustic phase, which are clearly audible (contrary to common belief) and afflict the vast majority of speakers on the market that use traditional loading systems.

Solutions to Address Certain Critical Aspects

The undesirable characteristics of dipole loading are mainly low efficiency and poor power handling in the low-frequency range. Through thorough research, we have overcome these challenges by employing the following techniques:

The presence and level of low frequencies are achieved by combining two high-efficiency 12-inch woofers with differentiated filtering in a rear-shaped cabinet to minimize any loss of level. The use of an innovative material (CLAD 58), a conglomerate of our formulation composed of mineral powders and special resins, which, when in liquid form and poured into a single mold, solidifies to provide excellent rigidity and damping, far superior to wood or similar cabinets that disperse much of the sound level that a dipole can deliver due to their vibrations. The light front horn loading on the woofers improves the efficiency of acoustic emission in the mid-bass and midrange, contributing to sonic realism.


The use of a coaxial compression driver has allowed us to obtain, with a single horn, a coherent and linear emission from about 600 to 25,000 Hz, a result perhaps unique in the world. The shape of the horn and its carefully studied curvature radii ensure excellent off-axis dispersion and a regular response of the speakers. Sewing on crossover filters with the minimum number of components in series became possible, resulting in a realistic and natural sound with minimal phase shifts.

Mounting of the Woofers

The current trend is to increase the number of anchoring points for speakers (especially low-frequency ones) to achieve greater coupling solidity between the vibrating element (speaker) and the material to which it is fixed. In our speaker, the Total-Fix system involves embedding the two woofers in a recess of the supporting structure and then securing them (with the interposition of a PVC spacer) with a single 0.8mm steel plate, fixed by nine M8 bolts screwed into as many bushings embedded in Clad 58. The plate (damped by a layer of faux leather) exerts its considerable elastic force on the entire surface of the speaker’s flange, ensuring optimal contact between the parts.

Supports of the Crossover and Component Quality

The crossover filter has been made with two separate bases, one for the woofers and the other for the horn. The masses are entirely separate to take advantage of bi-wiring and bi-amping benefits. These supports are made of 10mm thick PVC processed with numerical control machines to allow for the same speaker connection cables to be used as wiring cables, effectively canceling the contact resistances of traditional phenolic bases, thereby improving signal transfer.

The crossover components have been carefully selected through extensive listening tests to minimize signal degradation. In particular, those in series with the speakers, such as carbon resistors and custom capacitors according to our specifications, as well as low-resistance pure copper coils in series with the signal.

Other components are of high quality, and there are no bipolarized or parallel electrolytic capacitors in the signal path.

Tone Controls

Caput Mundi is also equipped with separate level controls for the mid and high frequencies, made with resistors to be inserted or not into the terminals provided on the crossover base to best adapt to the room’s characteristics and/or the user’s preferences..

2 12-inch paper cone woofers dipole-loaded
Coaxial compression driver for midrange and tweeter loaded with a horn
Crossover frequencies at 150, 600, and 6500 Hz
Frequency response in-room: 40 – 25000 Hz at +/- 3 dB
Nominal sensitivity: 97 dB 2.83V/m
Nominal impedance: 6 ohms
Maximum power handling: 250 watts
Dimensions (mm): 1370 x 512 x 365
Weight: 97 kg

Woofers anchored to the structure with the proprietary Totalfix system.

Air-wired crossover with high-end components and military-grade resin encapsulation. Front panel and horn interchangeable for easy adaptation to different home environments.

It is recommended not to direct it more than 20 degrees towards the listening point.


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Completely customizable

Only the finest cuts of premium wood and the most innovative materials are used. We offer an unlimited choice of customizations according to your requests, ensuring seamless integration of our products into your spaces, staying true to design and prestige.