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Evento 20 11


Design and Technology

Giving voice to our speakers through the creation of our own amplifier has represented, for us, not only the realization of a dream but also another milestone from which to embark on new projects that always have as their starting point and ultimate goal the faithful reproduction of the musical event. We have experimented with various types and the best components on the market for years, and after this long and laborious research, we have opted for a hybrid integrated amplification.

Everything in the Event 20-11 by Diesis Audio is uncompromising, starting from the pre-amplification stage that adopts two selected and matched E88CC tubes capable of offering a musicality that is difficult to achieve with current production valves, and the third Ecc82 valve for the Tape output buffer. In the final stage, the oversized power supply allows for a delivery of 105 Watts at high current on 8 ohms, effortlessly driving the Diesis Audio range of speakers and beyond. The best components, such as the extraordinary custom capacitors totaling 140,000 Mf, have been used.

The Power Transformer (the heart of every excellent amplifier) required the use of materials and technologies of an extremely high level. Contrary to the majority of current trends, it was designed to Diesis specifications by a prestigious Italian company serving Aerospace, Railway, and Military Companies where the highest quality and reliability are demanded. With their technicians, we crafted a 750VA double-core C and high-purity copper transformer with 3 types of shielding, encapsulated and resin-encased in a shielded shell. The transformer was tested, measured, and improved during “extreme” listening sessions, resulting in a state-of-the-art final product.

By coupling the integrated Event 20-11 with our Diesis power amplifier, you get a passive bi-amplification system capable of driving the vast majority of speakers on the market with a refinement and realism that is hard to find in other projects. We also offer the option to include our high-quality optional phono and DAC cards.

Completely customizable

Only the finest cuts of premium wood and the most innovative materials are used. We offer an unlimited choice of customizations according to your requests, ensuring seamless integration of our products into your spaces, staying true to design and prestige.


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