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Volume becomes matter, space becomes definition.


Design and technology

The Diesis Aura speaker inherits the advantages of innovative technologies from previous experiences, housed in a cabinet of reduced weight and dimensions that allows it to maintain the same sound qualities as the flagship model by Diesis, even in smaller spaces.

The painstaking construction, cutting-edge design approaches, and the selection of the finest materials and components available allow the Diesis Aura to be an absolute reference for realism, dynamics, transparency, articulation, coherence, and engagement.

The supporting structure is also made of CLAD 58 covered in exquisite eco-leather. For the low-frequency range, the same 12-inch woofer, cut at 200 Hz, has been adopted. For the mid-bass frequencies, a 10-inch transducer is used without limitations in the low range and is cut at 1800 Hz to ensure a precise and natural crossover with the high frequencies, where a one-inch compression driver is employed. This compression driver is made using the same technology and materials as the Caput Mundi, making it instantly recognizable.

Data sheet

At low frequencies, the speed in the exponential horn is specially designed by Diesis Audio for this model, allowing excellent off-axis dispersion. The crossover filter, with a different cutoff compared to the upper model, utilizes the same extraordinary components and top-level capacitors customized to our specifications, as well as pure copper coils with extremely low resistance in series with the signal.

It is a 2-way + 1 system achieved by adopting three speakers and utilizing the Double-Bass technology. This involves using two different speakers within the same cabinet (hence why it cannot be referred to as a 2.5-way system) without any high-pass filter (hence why it cannot be referred to as a 3-way system). However, with precise selection of their parameters and filter design, it allows combining the qualities of a large woofer necessary for proper crossover with the horn.

Dipole-loaded woofers.
Lower woofer: 12-inch paper cone.
Upper woofer: 10-inch paper cone.
45mm compression driver loaded with an exponential horn designed to Diesis Audio specifications.
Sensitivity: 93 dB 2.83V/m.
Nominal impedance: 6 Ohms.
Frequency response in-room: 42 to 23,000 Hz at +/- 3 dB.
Frequency response in-room: 32 to 28,000 Hz at +/- 8 dB.
Minimum power: 20 watts RMS.
Maximum power: 195 watts RMS.
Acoustic crossover frequencies at 200 and 1800 Hz.

Ability to separately drive the lower woofer (8 Ohm) and the other speakers (8 Ohm) with separate masses.

Maximum dimensions: Width 41 cm, Depth 30 cm, Height 114 cm, Weight per individual speaker 55 kg.

*Supporting structure made of Clad 58, a material produced according to Diesis Audio specifications, composed of mineral powders, cement, and special resins, cast in a single mold.

One-inch horn made of fiberglass and ABS, designed to specific specifications.

Proprietary Totalfix system for securing the woofers.

Air-wired crossover filter with high-quality components treated with dielectric resins according to Military standards.

Removable front panel and horn to allow customization of the speaker’s aesthetics to better integrate it into the environment.

It is recommended not to direct it more than 20 degrees towards the listening point.


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Completely customizable

Only the finest cuts of premium wood and the most innovative materials are used. We offer an unlimited choice of customizations according to your requests, ensuring seamless integration of our products into your spaces, staying true to design and prestige.