An digital ocean


Diesis Audio NEPTUNE Audiophile Player ,

has the NATURALNESS of listening exclusively to the best ANALOGUE sources.

Only after having compared with the best digital sources decided to elevate it to the status of “21st-century SOURCE” in addition to outstanding musical qualities has a unique versatility allowing uncompromising vision of lovers appreciate movies 4 k resolution Native!!!

Built in Italy and assembled entirely by hand with solid core wiring 7N, unique Design, entirely in stainless steel 3mm and Corian 12 mm,10-inch excludable screen, remote control,tablets supplied and 3 separate power. 3 year warranty


The Diesis Player Audio Player is developed from a GNU/Linux kernel, in which we have integrated the MPD (Music Player Daemon) player universally recognized for its power and audio playback qualities. This player has been modified to allow playing local and streaming audio flows. So it also works for playing streaming Qobuz FLAC files (Available by subscription). The diesis-mpdconf([1]) has been developed to control the output of the DAC[i] and thus be able to direct – choosing – the internal DAC, an external USB DAC or an HDMI output for all new generations of amplifiers or DAC. This add-on allows you to manage the sound output to the external DAC by the GNU/Linux kernel and is compatible with the majority of the known USB DAC.The integrated DAC (²) Young DSD is a very high resolution digital-to-analog converter with extremely high value-for-money, capable of handling PCM up to 384/32 and DSD up to x128.

Based on a graphic application known for its flexibility and its ability to manage the library Artists, Diesis Audio has adapted an interface that allows the user to manage and control the player with maximum comfort and flexibility functions of data type: artist, genre, album, year, files, etc. The integration of this interface also allows playing video files, and ensures compatibility with third party applications like Qobuz, YouTube, Radio and more… A Diesis remote repository has been created in order to download many add-on extensions. This interface also allows you to control the player from different remote access: wireless remote control, web page, UPnP application on tablet Yatse such as Android or on IOS for example. A specific theme for audio has been developed to control and manage your player from integrated display or from external display like TV, video projector or AV amplifier connected to the external HDMI. The display on the screens can be operated simultaneously or independently.

The player also has a network application developed specifically to allow the configuring and integrating player in a local network. It allows to use the drive in local mode or in server mode, there to share files on your network via UPnP or Web server An internal antenna for wireless access terminal is built into the player and allows you to control it from a tablet , without necessarily connected to your local network. This independent antenna is also active when the drive is integrated into your own local network and the Internet. This connection enables users connected to this internal wireless terminal to access the Internet as your player creates a wireless bridge.

In NEPTUNE DIESIS Player you have an internal screen and an HDMI output for external display up to 1080p. This output is for visualizing and controlling your files player played or viewed on an additional external display. Integrated internal DAC (²) with configurable output for listening on another USB DAC or another drive. Network input (1GB RJ45 LAN), 3 or 4 external USB slot for external DAC or Hard Disk and Wi-Fi remote. With your Diesis player, you create private network for making control with software remote (Tablet / Smartphone or Web Page …) he have an AP (Access Point and router) for sharing and internet connection. Wireless remote to control the player. CD ripping function from an external CD player connected to a USB port with choice of codec and recovery at the site tags Artist , Album and Title of song (If your CD ID is recognized and your player connected to the internet ). 2To Hard drive internal.

The NEPTUNE is powered by an internal power supply realised without compromise. Power filtered, rectified and developed specifically under DIESIS AUDIO specification. The internal power of the player and the DAC are independents. The model is equipped with an inductive power supply designed for internal YOUNG DSD DAC.

Highest resolution DSD/DXD digital-to-analog converter (YOUNG DSD DAC)

The Young DSD is a very high resolution digital-to-analog converter with extremely high value-for-money, capable of handling PCM up to 384/32 and DSD up to x128. Legacy S/PDIF, AES/EBU and optical inputs are also provided which handle both PCM (up to 192/24) and DSD64. The Young DSD inherits the old Young’s proprietary oversampling scheme for PCM based on a FPGA (field programmable gate array). A 32 bits D/A integrated circuit is used in a non-conventional mode to allow for 705.6/768 kHz internal operation in PCM and 5.6448MHz in DSD.

The synergy between the DAC IC and the custom oversample allows for exceptionally low noise floor and THD. A high resolution analog volume control IC with digital control is used. To avoid inserting too many stages on the signal path which would reduce the sound quality, a unique passive anti-alias filter is used in place of the usual opamp buffer, together with a special current mode offset cancellation circuit which makes I/V converter operate with greater symmetry and lower THD. Output voltage can be set by the user to suit the needs of any device downstream the Young DSD, be it a preamplifier, a high sensitivity solid state power amplifier or a low sensitivity tube power amplifier. Both balanced and single ended (using the stock adaptors) outputs are available.

(1 )Diesis Exclusivity

(2)Diesis by M2TECH