Evento 20-11

Evento 20-11

After years of research and development, through experimentation with all sorts of typologies, components and layouts, we at Diesis decided to opt for an hybrid-integrated amplification.


Technical description of the product


Everything in the Event 20-11 from Diesis Audio is uncompromising, starting from the preamp stage which is equipped with two E88CC new old stock individually selected and matched so as to be able to offer a degree of musicality that is difficult to obtain with modern production tubes. In the power stage the oversized dimensions of the power supply and capacitors allow for delivery of 105 Watts at 8 ohms with high current capability able to easily drive the Diesis range of speakers and many others. The best in components such as the extraordinary custom capacitors 140000 Total Mf. The transformer is oversized and artisanal-made to our specifications, the cabinet is amagnetic and anti-resonant in CORIAN and the remote is brushed aluminum.

There is the option to match the integrated amplifier to our final power amp with the same specification for a bi-amplification set up able to drive nearly any speakers in production with the best performance. We also offer the option to add a phono stage or a DAC card of the highest quality.


Combinations of matters

Only the best pieces of finest wood and most innovative materials, we make available an endless array of customizations based upon your requests to best match our products with your interior designs and prestige.

Grey Corian
Light Corian
Black Corian